Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sprouts puluv

After checking out chef in you site I was also inspired to sprout some beans. I tried mung and moth beans. So now I add it in my toddler's rice when I boil other vegetables. Then when I checked out the recipe for moth sprouts rice recipe in chef in you, I wanted to try it out. I made some changes and tried it out for this weekend. To go with it I made kofta curry. We enjoyed a healthy and tasty meal. Check out the original recipe here.


-2 cloves garlic
-4 green chillie
-1 small piece ginger
-6-7 mini sweet bell pepper
-1 cup sprouts (I used a combination of moth and mung sprouts)
-3-4 cloves
-2-3 bay leaves
-1 small stick cinnamon
-5-6 pepper
-1 tsp panch poran
-1.5 cup rice
-2.5 cup water
-3 tbsp oil
-3 spring onions
-1.5 tsp kitchen king masala
-Salt to taste


1.Soak rice in water for 1/2 hour.
2.Add oil to a hot frying pan. Once the oil is hot add panch poran,clove,bay leaves, cinnamon,pepper.
3.Once the panch poran splutters add garlic,ginger and green chillie. Fry it for 1-2 min.
3.Add spring onions and fry for few min. Then add the bell pepper and the sprouts. Fry this for 3-4 min.
4.Drain the water from the rice and add it to the pan. Add 2.5 cups water. Adjust water according to your rice. Add salt and garam masala and mix it well.
5.Close the pan and keep the stove in medium heat.
6.Check after 15 min to see if the rice has cooked. You can add water if the rice is not cooked yet.
7.Garnish with coriander

Serve it with raita or any spicy side dish.

This dish is going to the wonderful event My Legume Love Affair hosted by Siri and started by Susan
I am also sending this to Priya's Easy N Tasty - Let's sprout event.
Also sending this to one of my favorite event Tried and Tested hosted by Priya and started by Delights of Cooking



sprouts pulav looks yummy and it is perfect combination of taste and nutrition. Adding capsicum gives it a nice color...thanks for sharing


Jayanthy Kumaran

Hy, First time here...Lovvely space you have...amazed with your recipe collections...Wondering how I missed yours such a long time...Am your happy follower now...
Do drop in at my space sometime.

FewMinute Wonders

I have not tried any sprouted rice recipe yet. will do that soon.

kitchen queen

Hi u have a nice blog with lovely recipes .you can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

kitchen queen

Hi how do I follow u?

Priya Suresh

Wowwwwwww wat a nutritious and protein packed pulao, thanks for sending...

Kalyani & Gayatri

Thanks a lot for your comments. They made my day.

Jaya & Srimathi - Thank you so much for vising my blog.

KitchenQueen - I will add the follow me gadget and thank's a lot for vising my site.

Priya - I have a few more recipes for the sprouting event. I will post those too and mail them all to you.


K & G, that looks simply great !!!

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