Sunday, September 26, 2010

Navratna Kurma

Yesterday I made navratna kurma to go with chapathi. It is a very rich and tasty side dish. Forget your diet and try this out. You will not be disappointed.


- 2 cup chopped Vegetable (I used cauliflower,peas,carrot,potato)
- 1 onion
- 4 big tomato
- 2 cloves garlic
- small piece ginger
- 1/4 cup cream 
- 1 tbsp garam masala
- 1 tbsp Red chillie powder (Adjust as per taste)
- 1 tsp Cumin seeds
- handful of mixed nuts (I used cashews,almonds and raisins)
- 1/4 cup chopped pineapple
- 1 tbsp oil
- Salt to taste


1.Boil the vegetables in a steamer. The vegetables should be soft and not mushy.
2.Heat oil in a frying pan. Once oil is hot add onion,ginger,garlic. Fry for few minutes and add the tomatoes.
3.Once the tomatoes turns soft cool down the mixture and blend it.
4.In a frying pan add oil. Once the oil is hot add cumin seeds and nuts.
5. When the nuts gets brown add the blended mixture. Let it simmer for few minutes. Add the boiled vegetables and the chopped pineapple.
6. Add garam masala,salt and red chille powder. After it simmers for 5 minutes mix in the cream.
7. Give it a stir and put off the stove after few minutes


Sanyukta Gour(Bayes)

looks mindblowing dear........deliciously yum n mouthwatering...craving for some now..

Vanamala Hebbar

wow looks delicious...

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