Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Salad

I am trying to eat more salads these days. I add both vegetables and fruits in the salad to make it healthy and filling. There is no one way to make this salad. You can be creative and add any vegetable or fruit to this combination


-1 cup chopped Lettuce
-1/2 chopped apple
-1/4 cup chopped mango
-3-4 chopped Mini Bell Pepper
-2 chopped carrot
-Salt to taste
-Pepper to taste
-Lemon juice to taste


Toss all the ingredients in a salad bowl. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice. Toss the salad well. The salad tastes beter if you let it rest for 1/2 hour - 1 hour before eating.

Enjoy a healthy and tasty salad.


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