Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bread Halwa

This week I tried baking a banana bread with cardamom. I made some mistake and I ended up with a dense and bland tasting bread. So with a big loaf of bread in hand, I searched some blogs to use up the bread. I stumbled on this Bread and Oats Halwa in Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes. I skipped the oats, as I had a big loaf of bread. This is a very easy recipe and tastes great. My husband was happy that I messed up my bread.


- 6 cup ground bread slices
- 2.5 cup milk
- 2 cup sugar
- 2 tbsp ghee
- 1 tsp cardamom
- Orange Food color (as needed)


1. Grind the bread slices coarsely in a blender.
2. Boil the milk in a pan. Once the milk starts boiling add sugar and the food color.
3. After the mixture starts boiling add the bread. Add the ghee and stir continuously.
4. Once the mixture stops sticking to the sides of the pan and comes of the bottom of the vessel easily,add the cardamom.
5. Garnish with some nuts. I used slivered almonds.



Hi...that is so yummy, now I know what to do with my leftover bread....


wow bread halwa looks delicious ...thanks fro sharing


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