Friday, July 30, 2010

Our First Award

We are so thrilled to recieve this first award from Priya(Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes. Thank you so much for the award and all the wonderful comments. We are grateful and honored to receive this award.

Now seven things about us -
1. We both never in our wildest dream thought about starting any kind of blog.  But now we are so lucky to have it grow in its own steady pace.
2. We love travelling to exotic places like (Alaska :-) although we never seem to get time to do this.
3. We have very different likes and dislikes in food but blogging has made us try various cuisine.
4. We chat for hours when we call each other.
5.  We love baking.
6.  We used to fight a lot for clothes when we were young. :-)
7. We both have kids about the same age so it is always fun to visit each other and cook and enjoy together.

I would like to pass on the award to 10 fellow bloggers

1. Satya
2. Usha
3. Srivalli
4. Madhuram
5. Sangeejeeta
6. Mahima
7. Srividhya
8. Kitchen Queen
9. Jagruti
10. Sanyukta

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