Monday, March 22, 2010

Kerala delicacy puttu and channa

Puttu is a staple Kerala breakfast items. It is a healthy and a very filling dish. I used the ready made wheat puttu flour to make this. Instead of using the traditional puttu maker I just steamed my puttu in the idli vessel.

- 1 cup puttu flour
- 1.5 cup shredded coconut
- boiling water with salt added

1. In a vessel add the puttu flour. Drizzle water and start mixing it. You are looking for a beach sand with water like consistency. When you add water to beach sand you can mold it but at the same time they break down easily. That is exactly what you are looking for. The puttu flour will look like the picture below.

2. In your idli mold first layer your coconut. Then add the puttu flour and press it in. Now add another layer of coconut. Press this in and add your final layer of puttu flour and pack all the layers tightly.
3. Pour water in the bottom of your idli vessel and place the idli molds on top. Let it steam for 5 minutes. Turn the heat off and let it rest for a few minutes.
4. Remove it carefully from the mold and serve it hot.

The best accompaniments for puttu is banana and sugar or channa dhal (Kadali kulumbu)

Note: Puttu dries very easily so make sure you make it just before serving.

This recipe finds its way to Dil se - Sunday snack evnet


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